Gorakhad Trek

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I love travelling! In last four years of my engineering, I have crazily traveled to different places. Though, I had never been for a trek. I always wanted to try it out.

A friend of mine who is a professional trekker told me about a trekking organisation. I was going through their website and saw “Gorakhad Trek” which is in the northern part of Maharashtra.

Places like lonavla, Sinhagad, Panshet etc are quite famous for trekking but Gorakhad was a new place for me. It excited me as I like traveling to places which are not hot tourist places.

We had to travel from Pune to Gorakhad


We were supposed to reach Gorakhad base by 8:30 AM. So, we took 4:15 AM LATUR CST Express train from Pune to Kalyan.

From Kalyan railway station, we went to Kalyan Bus Stand which was adjacent to the railway station and took a bus to Murbad Village. The frequency of buses is every 30 minutes. We could go to Murbad village through Karjat also but the frequency of buses from Karjat is very less.

We reached Murbad Village at 8:15 AM. From there, we took a shared tum tum to Dheri village which was the base camp for the Gorakhad Trek.



 Pinnacle(the destination) as seen from the base.

We had read on other blogs that we need a rope to climb at the top as it’s very steep. We were not confident to reach at the top and decided to go as far as we could.

None of us had been for this trek. So, it was an exploratory trek. We had to figure out the path on our own. Our group leader had a good experience in trekking. With the help of villagers we could find out the starting point at least.


The temple from where the trek starts.


There were planar regions in the beginning which made it comfortable to trek :)


Nature’s beauty on the way is amazing. Fresh Air to inhale and lovely monsoon rains make it very beautiful!! 


After completing the half way, there comes a plateau. There the view is amazing. We tried to have our lunch there while coming back but as it was raining heavily we couldn’t. It ‘s a good place to have a break.


This is the reason I want to go back there again, The scenic beauty :)


Till this point, we had completed 75% of the trek and everything was quite easy till here


And then eventually the high slope part comes which was supposed to be covered by ropes etc (as per different blogs):D..but we could complete it without it. It was kind of risky but If you climb with patience then it’s possible to complete.


At the top, there are 9 beautiful caves of Saint Gorakhnath.

It took us around 3 hours to reach at the top. We had started at 11 A.M. and reached at the top at around 2 P.M. We had to come back at the base by 5 P.M. as we had to reach Pune by 9 P.M.


At the top, My favorite click 😉

After enjoying the scenic beauty of Gorakhad at the top, we started moving down at  around 3 P.M.

Climbing up is much easier than going down! The slope was very high near the top and it was very risky while going down. If you do a small mistake you are gone.


And while coming back we found ourselves above the clouds.



(While coming back) That’s what I like about Maharashtra. Greenery in Monsoon season :)


Isn’t it beautiful ? 

It took us around 2 hours to come back at the base.


Signature pose @ plateau (While coming back) 

We were back to base by 5 P.M. We took a bus from Dheri to Murbad then from Murbad to Kalyan bus stand. While coming back, we were too lazy to take a train from kalyan to pune. We found a bus from Kalyan to Panvel. From Panvel, it was very easy to get a bus to Pune.

We reached Pune by 11 P.M.

It was an amazing experience and I think everyone should go there for trekking and enjoy the scenic beauty. It will also help building the local place which is not that developed.

A special request, if you are planning to go there, please make sure you keep it clean. It’s one of the very few places that I have been to in our country which is clean(May be because very few people go there).

If you are planning to go there, feel free to get in touch with me

email: sanchit.ms.malik@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sanchitmalik

Thanks !




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  1. Vinita Chhatwani

    Hello Sanchit.. A very well written blog .. However the caves are not the top… One can go further up to a plateau on the top where there is a small temple.. that is where some people require ropes due to the exposure :)

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