How many of us know Santosh Koli?

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I had promised myself that I will write this post on 31sh August night. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes tonight, I am going to finish it before sleeping…

Today I am going to share a story of a girl who was much braver than anyone of us. But may be because everyone is busy making money, she couldn’t get that recognition which she deserved.

The girl from a humble background had joined Parivartan organization in 2002. She was an ardent RTI (Right to Information) activist who worked relentlessly to help poor to file RTI’s.

The fearless girl had become a reason to fear for the cheaters in her area. In 2005, she was badly attacked by local goons. But that couldn’t stop her to do her part for the country.


This amazing brave girl then joined  India against Corruption to fight against corruption.

Increasing popularity for many good reasons made her the assembly candidate for Seemapuri constituency from Aam Aadmi Party. This popularity had feared some people and she had started receiving death threats. Last month, a car hit her while she was riding her scooter and the people in the car escaped easily. No one came to know who they were. Santosh Koli lost her life!

The questions which haunt in my mind are

1) Why those who hit her would never be caught?

2) Why media didn’t care to publish even a single report about her despite knowing the fact that she was an honest patriotic lady?

3) Why are the honest activists in our country killed so easily ?

4) Why there is no value of people who sacrifice their lives for the country?

The role of Police, Law and media is questionable. Apart from supporting them, appreciating them, writing blog posts from them I really don’t know what I can do for these great saviors of India.

I think all the activists should make a solid union to safeguard themselves. They can’t rely solely on police.
We, as Common citizens of India should respect and share about their bravery as much as we can.

Here is the list of RTI activists who have been attacked/killed for doing right:

This post is a tribute to all those who have lost their lives for India, but never got recognition from the government which they deserved.

Jai Hind!

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4 Comments on “How many of us know Santosh Koli?”

  1. rohietwattamwar

    I really agree with your views… Not only social workers but many police officers, bureaucrats and even the most cliched aam adami are always under threats for being honest and for exposing the truth.

  2. gravatarrrrr

    i know her …she was a brave RTI activist .
    She worked for us, and for betterment of our nice, beautiful corrupted country …!!
    And finally this country rewarded him by taking away his life !!

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