Different Types of Food I Tried in US

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I am not at all a foodie but I find myself a little adventurous. USA provided me an opportunity to be adventurous in terms of food. In my 12 days of trip to USA, I went to Washington DC, New York, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. In all the places I could find cuisine restaurants from almost all the countries which were started by the people of those countries only. That’s what makes United States special- a country of immigrants . I became a big fan of New York’s Hell’s kitchen area where you will find amazing restaurants (not that costly also).

Ok, so below are the foods which I tried in USA:

1) Thai Food: I am not a big fan of Thai food but was courageous to try a Thai restaurant. I tried Tom-yum Soup, Tofu, Chicken Fried Rice. Chicken Fried rice was something similar to which we eat in India. So, Tofu and Tomyum Soup were completely new things for me. Unexpectedly Tomyum soup was very tasty.
The soup curry and cheese tofu in it were a complete delight.
Tofu appetizer is like Paneer Pakoda, it was damn tasty with peanut sauce.

2) Mexican (my new favorite): While travelling to USA, I tried Burrito for the first time in my life. I found it so tasty that I would be now searching for burrito in India. Burrito is a light bread filled with beans, corns, rice, salad and chicken/pork/beef etc. I tried Chicken and Pork burrito. Pork, I tried for the first time in life, it wasn’t that bad ;).

3) Turkish: I had gone to a Turkish restaurant in New York near Washington Square Park. I tried Grilled Chicken Kebab. It was served with with Rice and salad. The taste of the chicken was a little different than what we get in India. It was more delicious in fact. If you haven’t tried Turkish Grilled chicken kebab, do give it a try! You will love it!
Turkish Grilled Chicken

What did you like the most in US?

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