Exploring the beauty of Vasota Jungle

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I just finished one of the most beautiful treks in Maharashtra. Vasota’s beauty has won my heart and it tops in my list of the treks where I would go back again. To reach Vasota, we had to take a boat from Bamnoli and had to pass by lake Sukh Sagar. The lake is so beautiful and calm, it gives you immense peace and freshens your mind. It’s a MUST go place for people living in Mumbai and Pune.

For your information, Vasota is in Satara District. You can take a bus from Pune to Satara district. You may like to go with a trek organizer as you need to visit Bamnoli village first then you need to take a boat from Bamnoli to Vasota. It is kind of difficult to go alone there. I would suggest go with a trek organizer. You can find lot of scheduled treks on www.townscript.com.

We had left from Pune at around 10 P.M from Pune. We reached Bamnoli Village at around 2 A.M. in the morning and slept for four hours.

Morning 6 A.M @ Bamnoli Village

We had booked a boat from Bamnoli Village to Vasota Tiger Reserve where we were supposed to do trekking.
The winner stands alone @ Sukh Sagar Lake on our way to Vasota

Beautiful Maharashtra

It’s a two hours journey from Bamnoli to Koyna Tiger Reserve (Vasota Fort) Finally reached!!

As soon as you reach Kyona Tiger Reserve, you need to make an entry at the entrance. We had to declare all the items which includes camera, water bottles, plastic wrappers etc. I loved the way this tiger reserve administration is giving their best to keep it clean.

It took around one and a half hour to reach on the top. I didn’t find it as tough as Rajmachi Trek. It was a decent trek, good for a beginner. You pass through beautiful Jungle which gives you an amazing feel of nature. @ the top :-)

View of Sukh-Sagar Lake from the top

We had lunch there and were back to the base by 5 P.M.

For last five years, I have been exploring Sahyadri Ranges. More I explore outskirts of Pune-Mumbai, more I fall in love with this place. Indeed, God has blessed Pune with a heavenly beauty!

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