Places You MUST Visit in New York

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When I was planning my trip to New York, like any other traveler the places which were on the top of my list were Empire State Building, Central Park, Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square. On the first day while exploring all these places I came to know about few more places in New York which made me deeply fall in love with this amazing city.

The places are:

1) Rockefeller Observation Deck: It felt amazing to be on the top of 84+ floors Empire State Building. The view from Empire State was breathtaking. But when I visited Rockefeller Observation Deck, I realized that I was missing a better view. Rockefeller observation deck is around 67 floors high. It’s not as high as Empire State Building but the location of Rockefeller Observation Deck makes it a better view point than Empire State building. From Empire State building you can see the whole city but from Rockefeller building you can see the most beautiful building of New York- the Empire state building which you can’t see from Empire state. This makes the Rockefeller observation deck the best place to feel the New York City.
View of New York City from Rockefeller Observation Deck- Empire State Building in the middle.

2) 9-11 Memorial: It was a thrilling experience to visit the 9-11 Memorial. When you visit this place it reminds you of that day when people from almost all the countries and religions died. The US government has converted the place of old World Trade Center buildings into a beautiful memorial place.
Names of people who died in the 9-11 attack written on the walls

I could find the names of people from diverse background written on the walls of memorial. There were lots of Indian names too. When you visit this place you realize that the 9/11 attack was not on US or any particular religion, the attack was on the people of all the countries and religion. But there is something which motivates you when you visit this place. The Good News, America is re-constructing the World Trade Centers and this time bigger and better.  One of the WTC buildings is ready and it will start from 2014, the others are under construction.

3) Hell’s Kitchen: Hell’s Kitchen is not a restaurant’s name, it’s the name of an area in New York. It got the name of hell’s kitchen long way back because here there were lot of mafias who used to kill everyone even the police officers and the crime was out of control at that time. Hence it got the name Hell’s kitchen. Now, there’s no crime but there are lot of amazing restaurants of different type of cuisines. If you are in New York and like trying different types of foods then this is the place for you. From Mexican food to Ethiopian to Italian, you will find all types of restaurants here. I tried Mexican, Italian, and Thai food here. Thanks to New York I became a big fan of Chicken Burrito (Mexican), it’s damn tasty.

4) Liberty Island: This is the island where the Statue of Liberty is. There are two reasons why I would go back to this island again, first is the statue of liberty and the second which is the most tempting is to see the view of New York City high line. The view which you get to see of NYC is superb, I was lucky enough to get a chance to go on the top of the Statue of Liberty, NYC looks beautiful from the top of the Statue of Liberty.

Check Out the Video of my New York Experience:

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  1. Sheraz

    Good one Sanchit. New York is huge and so many things to see there for sure. Time Square is the most lively place I have ever been in the world!

  2. Sanchit Malik

    Thanks Sheraz..True that! There is something in New York which attracted me a lot ..I wish I get another chance to visit this amazing city!

    P.S. So many places I have to travel, time flying fast :)

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