How to increase productivity in 15 days

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At my startup, I handle all the business development related work. As a startup founder, as the team is lean I have to handle everything – potential customer prospecting, marketing, sales, customer support, new partnerships, working on new ideas. I have a lot of work responsility to handle.I love doing everything at my work but initially I wasn’t able to do it with even 50% effectiveness as too much work was leading to procrastination. I was doing anything which was coming on my way and it was leading to distraction which lead to less productivity. Then, I realised that I need to increase my productivity and reduce procrastination and started working on to increase my productivity at work. I read a lot about it, did a lot of research on it and finally decided to structure my day. I even started using lot of apps that have really helped me a lot in increasing my productivity. [ I am going to write a blog on those apps in my upcoming blogs] But out of all the strategies, the strategy which has really helped me out in increasing my efficiency at work is structuring my day properly and sticking to it with full discipline. – Structuring my day:By structuring my day, I mean that according to priority I will work on different stuff with focus and won’t do anything which is coming on my way. For example, if I should fix up in my schedule that from 10 AM to 2 PM, I will do sales and won’t do anything related to customer support. This really helped me out in dividing my work in different slots and I finally got rid of procrastination. The other thing which really helped me out was waking up early. – Sleep Early, Wake up Early:I had a habbit from college days of sleeping late at around 1 – 2 AM and wake up at 9-10 AM. When you are at work and you are handling business this schedule screws up everything. There are lot of reasons for that. Less time @ work: When I followed this schedule, first by the time I reached office at 11 AM, after working for 2 hours -it used to be lunch time and by the time we came back I used to feel that the day is getting over and most of our customers don’t like to have a call or meeting after 5PM. So, I always had less time for work.Now, as I reach at around 9 AM sharp to office I have more time for meetings and work. More time for my self: Earlier, I used to leave by 8 PM and used to had dinner by 9 PM – then I had no time at home for myself. Now, I go back to home at 6 PM and have lot of time for myself to relax before sleeping at around 10PM. Time to do exercise: Earlier, I could hardly find time to exercise for fitness as I always woke up late and now as I wake up at 6 AM, I have 1-2 hours daily to exercise and relax. Maybe this is the reason, why there’s a saying: Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.:) It took me 15 days to change my schedule and get adapted to it. First 14 days the hardest, you have to be very disciplined and stick to it without breaking the chain. Hope it helps you out! Please let us know your views in comments!

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