4 Ultimate Apps that will increase your productivity

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In my last blog ‘How to increase productivity in 15 days’ I had shared with you the way I structure my day in order to increase my productivity at work. Working in a well defined structure has helped me focus on my priorities at work place.

In this blog I will be sharing a list of some of the android/mac based applications that have helped me a lot in structuring my day and helping me keep away from distractions while at work.

  1. Strict Workflow:

Social media is all over the place, with notifications from Facebook, Twitter popping every 5 minutes, tempting me to check the social media web sites. Study says, when distracted even for a few minutes, it takes 30 mins to focus on the work which we were doing. This is one of the best distraction-killing apps I have tried. It enforces a 25min/5min workflow i.e. 25 minutes of distraction-free work, followed by a 5 minutes of break. I can repeat this workflow till my work gets done.  This Google Chrome Extension has a lot of features where in I can set the time of workflow as per my need, create a whitelist of the only websites allowed during a work session. In case of some emergency to stop the work timer, the user has to either disable the extension or restart the browser.


This is yet another Google Chrome Extension. It has a very unique concept of inspiring the users. It helps stay focused on tasks throughout the day with new tab homepage replacement. After a not very good day at work, next day morning seeing the personalised dashboard featuring my todo lists, some inspiring quotes really rejuvenates the enthusiasm. The best part about this is, it keeps you focussed whole day, it keeps you reminding whole day what’s your goal for the day.

Momentum Chrome Extension to increase Productivity

Momentum Chrome Extension to increase Productivity

Buffer App:

This is an amazing app if you are into social media or you handle social media marketing for your startup. As a startup founder(Townscript), I am having the responsibility of handling the marketing, sales, customer support for our old clients as well as venturing out to the potential new customers for partnerships.Time management is pretty important when you are handling so many things at the same time. This app has been a game changer in helping me out in sharing content on all the modes of Social Media. I can even schedule posts for whole month well before. It also gives me a weekly analytical reports of clicks, impressions and growth. Yes, it automatically passes UTM parameters which also help you out in analytics which saves a lot of time.  Its built in analytics platform really helps me locate the posts that performed the best.


I have tried many Task to do apps but trust me no one worked so well for me as Wunderlist app has. It is my favourite todo list manager application, whether it be managing my priorities at work or managing my personal tasks such as paying bills on time. It helps me work on the tasks that have the highest priority and organise them by setting deadlines rather than working on any task which comes my way. I can also add some last minute tasks to the earlier defined todo lists. The best part is that it syncs data between different devices. I have an application on my laptop as well as on my andriod phone, both the apps are synced with each other.

There are many other apps also that I use but these are my top 4 choices. I will keep on sharing if I encounter with any more app. Is there any app which you would like to share with me? Please do comment about it.

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