Exploring the beauty of Vasota Jungle

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I just finished one of the most beautiful treks in Maharashtra. Vasota’s beauty has won my heart and it tops in my list of the treks where I would go back again. To reach Vasota, we had to take a boat from Bamnoli and had to pass by lake Sukh Sagar. The lake is so beautiful and calm, it gives … Read More

Different Types of Food I Tried in US

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I am not at all a foodie but I find myself a little adventurous. USA provided me an opportunity to be adventurous in terms of food. In my 12 days of trip to USA, I went to Washington DC, New York, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon. In all the places I could find cuisine restaurants from almost all the countries … Read More

Places You MUST Visit in New York

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When I was planning my trip to New York, like any other traveler the places which were on the top of my list were Empire State Building, Central Park, Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square. On the first day while exploring all these places I came to know about few more places in New York which made me deeply fall … Read More

Night Trek to Rajmachi

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I had gone for the Gorakhad Trek in Mid July. For the last few days was craving to go for another awesome trek. Thanks to Sahyadri Trekking Group & Townscript, I could go for this 36 Kilometers long Rajmachi Trek. This time, I am sharing my experience through a video. I hope you like it!! Have you also been to … Read More

How many of us know Santosh Koli?

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I had promised myself that I will write this post on 31sh August night. It doesn’t matter how much time it takes tonight, I am going to finish it before sleeping… Today I am going to share a story of a girl who was much braver than anyone of us. But may be because everyone is busy making money, she … Read More

Gorakhad Trek

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I love travelling! In last four years of my engineering, I have crazily traveled to different places. Though, I had never been for a trek. I always wanted to try it out. A friend of mine who is a professional trekker told me about a trekking organisation. I was going through their website and saw “Gorakhad Trek” which is in … Read More